Decorate your home like a professional designer

Decorate your home like a professional designer

Redecorating or making over your home may seem like a daunting task. But by following a few simple design tips you'll be well on your way to creating a home that's fit for your favourite house and garden magazine.

Look to the professionals

If you're after an outcome that's on par with something created by a professional, the best way to achieve it could be to find a look that you like rather than starting from scratch with your own thoughts. Invest in a few decorating magazines, visit display homes and see how displays are set up in furniture stores. Take note of the things that you like: colours, styles, particular items of furniture and how different elements are arranged to create a particular effect.

Work within your limits

When narrowing down your design choices to a select few final options take some time to consider whether these designs are appropriate to your home. Will a double shower work if you have a small bathroom? Will ultra-modern chrome highlights look odd in an Art Deco home? Aim to pick a style that compliments the bones of your home rather than working against them.

Think ahead

Rather than opting for “of the moment” pieces, stick to simpler, classic lines that will still be in fashion years from now. Many professional designers use smaller accessories to make a design statement: rather than a pink couch, they'll opt for pink cushions instead. Use accessories such as cushions, rugs, and prints to help complete the look of your design, as these can be easily and cheaply replaced if you find that you'd like to update your décor in the years to come.

Less is more

Clutter is never a good look. Not only does it make for plenty of dusting and cleaning, but it can make a room look smaller and less spacious. Keep your room streamlined by keeping accessories to a minimum.

Keep these tips in mind when styling your home and you may well end up with an end result that looks as though it belongs on the cover of a top home décor magazine.

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