How to Choose a Tradesperson for Your Job



Maintenance, repairs and renovations can be complex and involved, and whether or not you're pleased with the end result has a lot to do with choosing the right tradie for your job. Although it's tempting to make your choice solely based on price, ensuring that your tradesperson is a good fit is a must, whether you’re looking for a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber or any other skilled ‘tradie’. But how can you tell?

1. References and word of mouth

Word of mouth is often the best type of advertising, so always pay attention if a friend, family member or someone you trust speaks highly of a particular tradesperson. But regardless of how you're introduced to a particular tradesperson, you should always ask for a verbal reference. When consulting with a reference, be sure to find out how recently the work was done, whether there was anything that could have been improved on, and whether the work done was similar to the job you need completed.

2. Manner and approachability

Good rapport is essential to any type of working relationship, and it's no different with a tradesperson. When making your decision about whether to work with someone you should consider how comfortable you feel around them. They should be friendly and approachable, and should be willing to discuss the job with you in as much detail as you require. Moreover, they should be happy to answer any questions you have without talking down to you or being patronising.

3. Paperwork and licences

Any tradespeople you hire should be qualified in their area of expertise and should hold a current licence with the relevant body. Always be sure to obtain a record of your tradesperson's licence number, business details, and physical address, and check that they have up to date public liability insurance. If obtaining quotes, ensure that any quote you receive is written down, and that the quote includes all standard costs and any projected extras. This will help you ensure that you're comparing like quotes when making your final decision.

Consider all of these factors in addition to the prices you are quoted, and you''ll be on the right track to choosing the best tradesperson for your job.

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