OZ Lotto $90 Million Jackpot

OZ Lotto $90 Million Jackpot

Our regular clients with a keen eye may have caught a glimpse of someone they thought they knew on the tele over the past days.

Maintrade's own Jesse Butt scored a small part on the "Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Mo" Lotto commercial last year and with tonight's big draw the ad has been getting a flogging on the television.

While the Maintrade team aren't often keen punters, it might be worth dabbling in tonight's prize of $90 million given our inside man's involvement in the big event.

If you haven't noticed Jesse in the ad yet, he's the bloke leaping out of the port-a-loo holding our winning ticket.

Either that or he's just furious that no one replaced the toilet roll and he's mistakenly used his winning Lotto ticket for the job.

Either way he is Maintrade's leading man on the small screen.

Don't blink though, or you'll miss it.

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