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Trade apprenticeships offer young men a gateway to rewarding careers in the building and construction industry and often lead to them running their own business. Experiences gained during an apprenticeship will characterise the career of a tradesperson and so it is important for training providers to get it right. Employers of apprentices are the first role models for young men in the industry and a poor role model will make an indelible mark on their future practice as a tradesperson. Getting it right can be the difference between building a quality tradesperson who makes a positive contribution to the industry and society or creating another dodgy tradie to clutter the system and give professionals a bad name. Building Trades People is an independent association that seeks to enroll professional companies and small businesses which operate with integrity, to take on young men for work experience opportunities which can lead to apprenticeships. The first organization of it's kind, Building Trades People is creating a network of tradesmen and businesses who comply to the highest standards of industry practice and have demonstrated willingness to pass on their expertise to the next generation of trades people. Chris Jefferson, founder of Building Trades People and Director of Maintrade Building Services explains that the best way to change old ways of thinking about tradesmen is for legitimate tradies to get organised and active in the community. "I'm calling on professionals from all disciplines to register and take on the challenge of giving young men a positive experience in a trade," Mr Jefferson plans to unite quality tradespeople all over Australia with professional development and training, networking opportunities and projects that will directly benefit communities. "It's a huge commitment to take on a work experience kid let alone an apprentice, especially in tough financial times, so I know by starting this association at this time we're going to attract quality tradespeople who run solid businesses," "It's more than just giving a kid a job, it's about building tradespeople for the future of our communities who make positive contributions". To register your interest in being a part of the Building Trades People initiative, contact the head office on 07 55631000 or email

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