The Process

Claim is received from your Insurance Company

Once your claim is received, we will give you a courtesy call to advise we have received your claim, and confirm your contact details.  You will be advised that an Assessor/Estimator will call you within the next few days to arrange a suitable attendance time.

Visiting and Inspecting the Damage

One of our Assessors/Estimators will attend and inspect your property.  They will then prepare a quote or assessment report with photos of the damaged areas to submit to your Insurance Company.  A quote is based on the damages listed on the Scope of Works provided to Maintrade by your Insurance Company.  An assessment is based on the damages viewed by the attending assessor, and yourself whilst onsite, in some cases we are able to commence repairs immediately.  Your attending Assessor/Estimator will advise you.

Preparing the Quote/Assessment

We will provide a detailed quote/assessment report to your Insurance Company with images usually within 5 days of attendance.  This process may be delayed if further external reports such as leak locations or roof reports are required.  Your attending Assessor/Estimator will advise you if any external reports are required.

Claim Submission to the Insurance Company

Your claim will be assessed by your insurance company based on all of the information they have received from Maintrade and any external reports from roofers or plumbers.  If the claim is accepted, your insurance company will authorise Maintrade or an alternative repairer to proceed with your repairs.  Your insurance company will advise you and the builders if your claim has been accepted or declined. If you have any questions about the decision made on your claim, we strongly urge you to call your insurance company to discuss.

Commencing the repairs

Once your insurer has given Maintrade the authority to proceed, we will call you to advise of the approval and confirm an email/postal address to send out the required paperwork for signing. You may be required to complete some maintenance before we can commence the repairs, this will be identified on your scope of works. Once we have received your signed scope of works and all maintenance repairs have been completed, we can then discuss how the repairs can be completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your family. We will now proceed with the allocation of the relevant trades and the ordering of any materials.  Our allocated tradesmen will call you to arrange suitable attendance times to complete repairs.